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Small Business Basic Subscription


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Important Information
We appreciate that you may already have some of the features below on your own website and please do feel free to link to your own website, however the purpose of this site it's to amalgamate everything that the town has to offer in one place so that people can come to one single place to do everything instead of going to every web site or Facebook page in town to find out what's on, where to buy or place an order..

Our only aim is to get YOU more business and we want to work with you NOT against you to do this, so we are on your side.
Yes there are many national websites that do similar kinds of things, but does anybody ever use them? No simply because they are not local enough and don't have the support of you - the local businesses.

The Small Business Basic Subscription gives you full access to all the site areas with some limited capabilities.


  • Add your business into our business Directory section of the website
  • Use our business classifieds that can only be seen by other business users
  • Offer Business to Business discounts
  • Automatic inclusion to our local business discussion group on Darwen Social
  • Recruitment, find local people available and post your vacancies
  • An ideal account for local shops and tradesmen such as builders, plumbers etc to promote your business

Included in the Basic Account

  • Single user access
  • Add and build up your business profile to promote your business with text and a gallery of images
  • Create your own discussion groups in Darwen Social
  • Connect with other business users
  • View and add jobs for local people in our recruitment section and view people's CV's online.
  • Set up your own web pages (VIP account only)
  • We will have a local tender service coming soon, where you will be able to submit your quotes for tenders
  • Shop owners and market traders - our shopping cart is installed and tested but not live yet, as soon as it goes live you will be able to add your products to a local online store for locals to buy online local produce and items.  (VIP account only)
  • User will be able to search for local tradesmen and businesses who are registered on the site and local people will also be able to do reviews for you about your services.
  • Advertise in our monthly newsletter that will go out to all the local subscribers
  • Have articles posted in our Darwen News coming soon with our own local journalist,
  • When we have enough members, we are launching a Products/Service made and offered in Town page so that everyone can see just what's made in their local town a great way for you to further advertise.
  •  We shall be doing a special page for things like Black Friday sales and January sales etc

What does your subscription pay for?

  • Maintenance of the website
  • SEO & Promotion of the web site online
  • Advertising of the site in local media
  • Flyers & Vouchers printed
  • Distribution and mail shot deliveries
  • Hosting of the website
  • Tech support for Landlords, Businesses and Personal users
  • Moderating forums
  • Software updates

and the knowledge that your supporting yours and other businesses in town.


Duration: 1 month
Price: £4.00